Think Like a Customer not a Package Designer

a1.PNGMost of the fruitful package introductions are from people who do not know anything about the concept of packaging. How does that even make sense? Designers have creative minds. They are paid to design packaging which might be or might not be needed to what are the needs or wants of the customer. Excellent designers are always updated with the newest technologies and designs.

Sure enough, all of us get caught up in structured parameters and rules. You could not simply do this just because of the method it needs to be created or if it is this particular product has to be packaged in this manner or in this kind of material. The designer’s mind is always updated with the latest trend in packaging innovation so it would surely work for this product and many other products too. But let us try to think laterally about packaging design for just a moment.

Do you challenge some stereotypes? Why does a specific product have to be packed in certain shapes? Does every product need to be packed just because it is what usually done before? A recent survey about packaged products says that there is a huge difference between what most packaging design firms and packaging designers thought was important and what are the thoughts of the customers.

One of the feature of package design that is most encountered is the shape. The designers are usually drawn into it. They firmly believe that shape is a very vital component of designing a package. When designers see a dramatic brand new shape, they suddenly become impressed by its creativeness. But, majority of the customers are not amazed by the package’s shape and functionality. They mainly prioritize the product’s functionality and then appreciate its beauty later on. So, you must not think as what package designers do, but think like you are the customer.
During the process of designing, you must ask yourself “Who do you think would utilize this product and how?” If ever the product is usually used by women, then, ask yourself again, “What would impress them?”

Studies have shown that easiness and convenience are the important factors for women buyers. After all, women do almost all of the shopping activities and in a lot of instances, they literally put the product away. Do you think this is logical enough to design what women desire in their packaged products? You must think about on how to make use of the product with ease.

Moreover, you should consider the age too. Easiness of opening were highly rated by all age groups, according to the conducted studies. Products which are specifically designed for particular age group have to be functional for that group, not just appearing nice in the shelf. Allot your time to scour the isles if you are working with new products. Do not just pay attention on the classification of design.

Imagine yourself as the customer. It really helps if you provide yourself various perspectives also. Not everybody would look the same packaging attributes similarly. Ask potential buyers with few questions. Do not be surprise by their answers. Learn more about packaging here:


Packaging Design Is The First Step In Selling Your Product

a4.PNGWhen it comes to selling your product, regardless of the quality of the item, the thing that gives it maximum recognition and ensures that it sells however bad the quality may be, is the packaging. Nowadays, it is not what is on the inside that really counts but what is on the outside. And this is one secret organizations have realized and that is why they work hard in ensuring that the packaging of their product is at the top of the league.

This is where the art of packaging design comes in. Organizations have seen the need for good packaging and an avenue of business was created there. Not everyone can effectively design their own product’s package and that is why there are people who serve to do that work for you. There is numerous numbers of packaging design firms that can work on your packaging design and the trick here is to go for the best in the business. An example of such an organization is Smash Brand Company. This is a creative packaging company that puts the customers’ needs ahead.

The company specializes in creating design packages that get to be noticed. They also work on customized packaging and branding and thus making them a household name. Their ability to make simple clients’ ideas into creativity makes them loved even more. They have various brand strategies and brand designs that give their clients a wide range to choose from. They create one’s package design out of enough market research done, the brand positioning, its architecture, the consumer trends, the brand’s identity, Point Of Sell Design and many more strategies one can choose from.

The company prides itself on doing numerous packaging for top players in the market whose successful packaging has ensured their success over the years. Before working with them, it is important to go through the company’s website so as to learn more information on the organization, what they have to offer and their quality of service they provide. One can get access to the reviews people leave behind on the site. The reviews give an insight on the type of work to be expected from them. If therefore in need of packaging designs, get the best from the best there is in the field. Give Smash Brand company a chance for the best possible packaging outcomes. Learn more at

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Packaging Design Company

a12.PNGWhen you are operating a business that deals with production f good, you as well need to ensure that the packing is done perfectly. The packaging helps in attracting more customers, either the existing customers or the potential ones. Therefore, you will need to have your products packed well, to make you have a different look. Your business is unique and you need to ensure that you have a unique packaging that can stand out in the market. Not any packaging design agency is suitable to be the designer of your packaging. There are many of them in the market, but you need to single out the best, according to your needs. You will then use the following factors to consider the best package design company.

The first thing you need to consider is the certification and license of the company. Most of the companies operate illegally, and when you are found you are partnering with illegal business, you will be risking your business. You do not want your business to be closed, so you need to keep everything clean. You will then identify the company that is certified y the state to provide the packaging design.

Besides, you need to consider the cost of the service. This is one of the marketing strategies and you need to look into how you spend your finances. There is no need to employ a packaging design company that prices you high, that you cannot even afford to pay for the other success strategies. Out of the many companies that you find in the market, you can sample them by inquiring about their price. You will then select those that you can afford comfortably. However, you need to be very careful with the packaging design agencies that prices very low, as this can be a strategy to attract customers, as they have been desperate for some. Sometimes, their service delivery is poor or the materials they use is very poor, so no customers visit them.

Besides, you can decide the packaging design company, according to tho the materials they use to make the packages. You will choose the material used to make the packages depending on the products that you want to pack. The packages shud be strong and durable enough to ensure that they are carried without unnecessary spillage. You can also go green to prefer packages that are renewable and friendly to the environment. Click on this link for more: